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Restaurant NeL

Amstelveld 12, Amsterdam, Nederland
Call us anytime 020 626 1199
Daily open from 10:30am - 1am. On saturday open until 3am. [email protected]

Restaurant NeL can be found in a sunny spot on the Amstelveld. The restaurant is located in an old wooden church from the 17th century, which gives it an authentic appearance. When the sun starts to shine, local residents and passersby go and sit on the terrace and enjoy a nice lunch or a cup of coffee. The restaurant breaths a cozy and housely atmosphere, which makes everyone feel comfortable.

At night, when the sun sets behind Amsterdam’s canal houses, the restaurant lights its candles. For dinner, you will find classic dishes, which are simple, pure and very tasty. For example, you can have a delicious steak tartare or a smoked salmon salad as a starter. Enjoy a ribeye, swordfish or a vegetarian lasagna as a main course. If you still have some appetite left, try the exotic papaya as a dessert!

Can you already imagine yourself on the beautiful terrace or inside the atmospheric Restaurant NeL in Amsterdam? Do not hesitate and reserve a table online!

Dutch Cuisine Mediterranean Cuisine Late dining All time classic
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Amstelveld 12, Amsterdam, Nederland

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