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Flower Market

Bloemenmarkt, Singel, Amsterdam, Nederland
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Famous Dutch Flowers

At the Singel, in the city center of Amsterdam, you will find a market that sells one of the things the Netherlands is most famous for; tulips! At the market you can buy bulbs as well as other souvenirs. This is one of the most colourful attractions in the city. Here they sell all kinds of flowers. Nevertheless, most people come here to buy tulips, and that is why you will find a great variety of these famous flowers here. If you are not looking for bulbs, you can buy cut flowers, houseplants, or seeds. The shops at the Flower market are built on floating barges. This is a holdover from the time when flowers came into the city from the countryside by boat.

When you are planning to take the bulbs home, make sure that you have a customs cleared stamp. Otherwise, you might have to turn your bulbs in at the border. Ask one of the sales assistants which bulbs you can take outside the country.

Before entering the Flower Market you will see the lovely Munttoren. And for a culinary end of the day you can reserve a table at the restaurant Johannes.

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  • "Bulb purchase"

    Fascinating display of bulbs and plants, only disappointment was, purchased a Agapanthus bulb/ tuber in nice green bag. on opening it on return to England found there was only potting soil. Advise have a good feel of bagi

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Bloemenmarkt, Singel, Amsterdam, Nederland

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