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Begijnhof, Amsterdam, Nederland
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The Beguine That Was Buried in the Gutter

You will find the entrance to the Begijnhof in an alley parallel to the Kalverstraat. The little courtyard was built somewhere around the year 1307. It was built as a home to the beguines, women who lived their religious lives outside the monestary. The little chapel that is adjacent to the courtyard is where all the beguines were buried after their death. This was accustomed around that time. However, there is an exception to the rule. One of the beguines, Cornelia Arents, is buried in the gutter. This sounds like a sad tale, but actually she is buried there by choice. Cornelia Arents was a Catholic woman and during her life the church had became Protestant. When imagining yourself a deeply religious person, what would you have done?

The Begijnhof is one of the older structures in the city. The quiet court yard is a nice place to get some peace and quiet after spending the morning in the city.

Close to the Begijnhof you will find the Amsterdam Museum and Canal House Museum.

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Begijnhof, Amsterdam, Nederland

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