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New Elephant residence at Artis Zoo

New Elephant residence at Artis Zoo

Artis - Amsterdam Welcome

On a sunny Tuesday morning we went to Artis Zoo for a special press opening for the renovated outdoor residence for the biggest animal of Artis Zoo; the Elephant.

The average age of a Elephant is 60 years.

They weight between de 3,000 and 5,500 kilo grams and have an average height between 2,50 and 3 meters.

In Artis Zoo there are three elephants. They are all related. They consist of mother and her two daughters. The Elephants have been moved to the new residence yesterday morning. The plantation on the park side of the residence is based on the natural environment of the elephant in Asia. In total, more than 150 different species of plants are used for the new dwelling.

A mature Elephant at Artis Zoo eats 100 kilos food a day. A human eats around 1,2 kilo each day. Quite a difference! Fun fact, they actually also poop 100 kilos a day.  The elephants eat with their proboscis. In addition to eating, they also use their trunk to drink, smell, breathe, fight and make noise.


As you can see on the picture the residence also has a large swimming pool for the Elephants, so they can play with the water. In the natural enviroment they use the water to cool  down from the heat. Like other mammals, elephants are also natural talented swimmers. Another fun thing to know about the residence; the water is originating from the canals of Amsterdam.

The new residence is not only special for the elephants, but also for the visitor. The new residence will give the visitor a great view of the elephants, you can walk through it. By means of a special bridge, the visitor will be face to face with the playing and swimming elephants


One thing I wonder about, with what did elephants play with before they had car tires?

Artis olifanten verblijf 2 - Amsterdam Welcome

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