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The Culinary Day – walking route

The Culinary Day – walking route

Bakers and Roasters - Amsterdam Welcome

Even though the Netherlands is not known for its food culture, there are a lot of very good restaurants and cafés to be found in Amsterdam. Because the Dutch fall short of their own culinary culture, they went on in search for other countries that did have very well developed food cultures. By copying different culinary styles and adding a bit of their own creativity, Amsterdam ended up with a variety of places to enjoy delicious food. In this article we set out a food-route that gives you an entire culinary day. Yet, if an entire day is too much for you, feel free to take a shorter route.



Start your route at the RAI and walk towards the first stop: The Roast Room. This walk will take you about 5 minutes. Exit the RAI and take a left and walk 200 meters. You will find this lovely design restaurant at the corner, in a building that is connected to the RAI. Enjoy the delicious breakfast and coffee The Roast Room serves from 9am until 12am.

Source: The Roast Room



After breakfast, walk towards Bakers & Roasters, situated at the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54. This walk will take you around 30 minutes. When leaving The Roast Room, you will see a large crossing. Walk towards the Scheldestraat and walk straight ahead until you reach the Ceintuurbaan. Take a left into the Ceintuurbaan and then the first right into the Dusartstraat. The Dusartstraat will become the Frans Halsstraat. Keep walking until you hit the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat on your right. Make a right and you will see the Bakers & Roasters on your right hand after 100 meter. Here you can order the most beautiful New Zealand-style pastries. If you have time left, you can visit the Albert Cuyp market before you go to Bakers & Roasters. You pass by the market during the walk from The Roast Room. At the Albert Cuyp market, you can find delicious types of street food!



Next stop on the itinerary is Vondelpark3, a restaurant that is situated in the Vondelpark. This walk will take you about 20 minutes. When you walk out of the Bakers & Roasters, take a left and walk all the way through the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat. Cross the bridge and keep walking straight ahead into the Honthorststraat, until you see the Museumsquare.

The Museumsquare offers you a lot of beautiful museums. The Stedelijk Museum and Moco Museum offer you contemporary and modern art. The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum offer you iconic paintings of Dutch masters. If you are a real art lover, you might consider visiting this magnificent square before lunch. If not, then walk along towards the lovely restaurant Vondelpark3. Make a left at the Paulus Potterstraat, until you see the Van Baerlestraat, make a right. After about 400 meters you will see the Vondelpark. Enter the park on the left side and follow the path to the pond. When you look to your right you will see a magnificent building inside the park. This is Vondelpark3!

de laatste kruimel - resize
Source: Little Wanderbook


Drinks or Coffee

After your lunch you can take a stroll through the park. Leave the park through the exit that’s closest to the city centre, at the Stadhouderskade and take a left. The walk that you will start now will take you about 25 minutes. Next, take the first right towards the Leidseplein. Walk all the way through the Leidsestraat until you hit Koningsplein. Enter the little shopping street de Heiligeweg and walk it all the way through to the Kalverstraat. Cross the big shopping street and enter via the alley. Now you are at the Rokin. Take a left and the first right over the bridge. Halfway this street you will find De Laatste Kruimel on your right hand. Here you can enjoy a lovely organic cake and good coffee or tea. If you are more in the mood for a beer, walk a little further and take the first left, the Nes. After 200 meters on your left, you will find the Bierfabriek where you can order all kinds of speciality beers.



After you have enjoyed your afternoon drink, it is time for dinner at restaurant De Luwte! This walk will take you around 15 minutes. When you leave De Laatste Kruimel, walk back towards the Rokin and make a right until you reach the Dam square. Take a left and walk between the Royal Palace and the New Church. When you have passed the New Church, make a right and take the first left. This little alley is called the Molsteeg. Walk straight through this alley until you have crossed two canals. You will find De Luwte on your right hand side at the Leliegracht 26-28. The view from the canals is beautiful, yet so is the French cuisine at the Luwte!
After digesting the food and all the experiences of the day, Amsterdam Welcome hopes you feel fulfilled and satisfied after this culinary tour!

Chanani Campbell

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