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Feel, see, learn and experience The Netherlands in just one hour.


Have you always dreamed of a unique flight experience that not only shows, but really lets you feel The Netherlands? Breath-taking movie images offer a spectacular perspective from the air, as well as new insights into how The Netherlands came into being. Surprising special effects while hanging in a huge spherical screen make you feel you’re flying right past the must-sees of The Netherlands.


What will you do?

  • Feel the wind through your hair as you fly over Dutch world heritage sites.
  • See the canals, polders, bulb fields, Delta Protection Works and other beautiful places in the Netherlands from a new perspective.
  • Learn how this extraordinary country below sea level was created and continues to exist.

What can you expect?

THIS IS HOLLAND helps you learn (even) more about The Netherlands by showing an inspiring movie about how The Netherlands came into being through the battle against water and how we make use of the water for our prosperity. From The Netherlands in the Past you will continue to The Netherlands Today. A special video projection lets you experience The Netherlands as it is today. You will also be introduced to the unique places you will see during the Flight Experience.

During the Flight Experience you’ll be hanging inside a huge spherical screen with your hands and feet dangling free. Not just your hair but your seat moves with the movie, which takes you on a breath-taking journey along beautiful spots in The Netherlands. With additional effects like wind, mist and scents, it seems as if you are truly flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms.

THIS IS HOLLAND offers you the opportunity to experience and discover The Netherlands in the space of an hour.


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Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam

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