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Skinny Bridge

Magere Brug, Kerkstraat, Amsterdam, Nederland

The Bridge Between two Skinny Sisters

The wooden drawbridge is called Magere Brug in Dutch, this means ‘skinny bridge’. The bridge owes its name to the fact that it used to be so narrow that it was hard for pedestrians to pass each other. Yet, there is also a tale that explains the name of the bridge. The tale tells the story of two skinny sisters who both lived on opposite sides of the water. According to the story the bridge was built especially for them, so that they could see each other more often.

Due to the fact that the area around the Amstel river was getting overcrowded, the bridge was removed in 1871. The city of Amsterdam built a new bridge that was wider and had multiple passages for boats.

In the evening the Skinny Bridge is a popular spot for lovers and photographers, because the bridge is illuminated with hundreds of little lamps after sunset. Another angle that gives you an amazing view on the Skinny Bridge is by boat. Almost all tour boats in Amsterdam pass it!

Close to the Skinny Bridge is you will find the Hermitage and the Hortus Botanicus.

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Magere Brug, Kerkstraat, Amsterdam, Nederland

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