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Hop on Hop off: Cheese, Windmills & Dutch Villages - Amsterdam Welcome

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Hop on Hop off: Cheese, Windmills & Dutch Villages

Hop on Hop off: Cheese, Windmills & Dutch Villages

Overhoeksplein 5, Amsterdam, Nederland
Daily between 09:00-15:00 departure from the A'DAM LOOKOUT. Last departures between 19:00 - 19:30
Audio Tour Information Duration: 3 hour

Explore the Countryside of Amsterdam in this excellent Tour

This Hop On, Hop Off tour through Holland’s renown countryside is the perfect way to explore outside the city! The tour includes nine stops which all have their own story about Dutch history and tradition. There are buses every 30-45 minutes from each stop, giving you the perfect amount of freedom to enjoy whatever sights you like!

Windmills, Cheese and Dutch villages; the name says it. You will have the opportunity to see the famous windmills of the Zaanse Schans, the Fisherman’s village of Volendam and a real traditional cheese farm. A part from that, a lot of stops are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered!

Get on this Hop on Hop off tour at THIS IS HOLLAND behind Central Station and start your journey!

The stops include: Broek in Waterland, Monnickendam, Cheese Farm Jacobshoeve, Volendam, Edam, Purmerend, Zaanse Schans windmill village and Zaandam.

Need tickets? Purchase them online, at one of the Henri Willig shops, at the A’DAM LOOKOUT or at THIS IS HOLLAND!



The first stop on the tour is to Broek in Waterland. This small village with a population of less than 2500 is definitely worth a visit. As this town was a popular residence for wealthy merchants and seafarers in the 17th and 18th centuries, much of the history has been well-preserved.


Monnickendam is the second stop on the tour and is rich in history. Although it is a small fishing village today, it holds much historical significance as a port in earlier centuries. Notable architecture includes the fourteenth century church of St. Nicholas, which was later renovated in 1602, and the synagogue which was built in 1894.


The third stop, the Cheese Farm “Jacobshoeve,” is a unique opportunity to witness the process of cheese making as well as experience a free guided tour of the Farm. This is, of course, a must-do whilst in the Netherlands!


The next two stops include Volendam and Edam. Both are known for their fishing boats and scenery. Traditional Dutch costumes are still worn by some residents in Volendam, which was also once a retreat for famous artists. Both Picasso and Renoir spent time in this beautiful village during the 20th century. While smaller than Voldendam, Edam holds particular fame for its cheese and old city centre.


The sixth stop is Purmerend, a city surrounded by polders. A polder a tract of low land reclaimed from the sea and protected by dikes. This is especially prevalent in the Netherlands so be sure not to miss this stop!


Last, but certainly not least, are Zaanse Schans and Zaandam. This area is a major attraction particularly because of its abundance of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. There are also several museums in the neighborhood highlighting Dutch culture and traditions, including a clog warehouse! The windmills in Zaanse Schans really bring Dutch history to life and is a must-see during this Hop On, Hop Off tour.

As each stop is unique and provides its own piece of culture, this tour is perfect for discovering and exploring the Dutch countryside. Spending as much or as little time at each stop gives you the perfect flexibility that cannot be found elsewhere. When planning your trip to Holland, be sure not to miss this gem of a tour which is suitable for all!


  • Enjoy the flexibility of a bus coming every 30 minutes to each stop
  • Explore the Dutch countryside
  • Experience traditional Dutch culture
  • View the scenic windmills of Zaanse Schans
  • Enjoy the fishing village of Volendam
  • Discover the old centre of Edam
  • Taste and experience the making of traditional Dutch cheese
  • Adventure in villages where famous artists have gained inspiration
  • Visit a traditional clog warehouse

For more information, visit the website or contact us!


Would you like to discover Volendam, Edam and Zaanse Schans with a professional live guide? Take this excursion



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Overhoeksplein 5, Amsterdam, Nederland

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