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Ice skating rink Museumsquare (museumplein) - Amsterdam Welcome

Event Calendar November – What’s on in Amsterdam

A new month, which also means a lot of exciting events and exhibitions taking place and now presented to you in the new Event Calendar of November. The holidays get closer and closer. The leaves will slowly fall of the trees and it’s getting colder each day. But there are plenty of festivities that make this cold month a bit more cosy and fun!Ice skating at Museum Square (18 November - 4 February 2018) I guess this is the most famous ice-skating rink of Europe. If you want the real Dutch experience try ice skating yourself and end the day with a...

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Top museums and attractions - Mandy van Barneveld - Amsterdam Welcome

10X The Top Museums and Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only known for its amazing fascades and canals, but also for its museums and attractions. Here’s a list of the top museums if you’re in Amsterdam but do not know what to do today!Rijksmuseum This is the most well-known museum of Amsterdam and maybe even Europe. For us as Dutch people the Rijksmuseum is our national pride. The Rijksmuseum is dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The total art collection consist of more than 1.000.000 objects from the years 1200-2000! Around 8.000 objects are currently on display in the Museum. The most well-known object of the...

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Olifanten verblijf ARTIS, Foto Amber Dekker - Amsterdam Welcome

New Elephant residence at Artis Zoo

On a sunny Tuesday morning we went to Artis Zoo for a special press opening for the renovated outdoor residence for the biggest animal of Artis Zoo; the Elephant.The average age of a Elephant is 60 years.They weight between de 3,000 and 5,500 kilo grams and have an average height between 2,50 and 3 meters.In Artis Zoo there are three elephants. They are all related. They consist of mother and her two daughters. The Elephants have been moved to the new residence yesterday morning. The plantation on the park side of the residence is based on the natural environment of...

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