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RED: Restaurant of the month December

RED: Restaurant of the month December

RED Amsterdam

This month we had an amazing dinner at Restaurant Red and we will tell you all about it! Restaurant RED is, with its unique concept of lobster and tournedos, the hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam and brings you a warm “Parisian” ambience. RED is a perfect restaurant to visit during your city trip to Amsterdam, the restaurant is located alongside one of the most famous canals in Amsterdam and easy to reach by foot or with the tram!

Restaurant RED

RED is the latest addition to the family of Black and Blue, Bleu and Black! They just had a remodel and a new menu card so we were one of the first people to see it all and have a taste of the amazing menu. It is a very nice and friendly restaurant, with a smooth, welcoming and attentive service. The staff is excellent at helping you choose a dish, and the advice on accompanying wines and drinks is excellent as well! This shows the expertise and knowledge of the staff.

Our experience

We started our dinner off with some bread, this is always a good idea! However, because RED is family of Blue I was hoping to find the similar Beurre de Paris you’ll find at Bleu (I loved that). This was not the case. The bread was delicious though and the regular herb butter was fine as well. But when you know about the delicious Beurre the Paris, you don’t want any different.

Then we went on to the mains, RED is, in my opinion, the best place to eat your first lobster. The staff is very helpful and is willing to explain the best ways to eat one and luckily you even don’t have to do a lot of pealing yourself. To taste a bit off all the dishes we went for the surf and turf and the vegetarian dish, the ravioli with mushrooms. The mains were great and the tournedos was exceptional. The lobster was great too, for the both of us it was our fist lobster so we are unable to compare it to another but we thought it tasted great.

At the end of the night, we were already very full BUT I had seen something on the menu that had cached my eye, the dessert called ‘Death by Chocolate’. I had to taste it being a big chocolate lover, and I can honestly tell you, it is amazing. The chocolate lava cake comes with a caramel sea-salt ice cream which is delicious too and tasted like the real ice cream straight from Italy instead of one you can find at a nearby supermarket.


RED is an absolute must-visit if you want to eat lobster for the first time. the atmosphere is great and the food delightful. And to make it even better, RED is festively decorated for Christmas! This makes it extra cozy, it’s not only a great restaurant to visit any day but during Christmas time, it’s even more special!

Would you like to have an awesome dinner experience like we had? You can easily reserve a table via their website or call 020 362 13 40!


Restaurant RED Restaurant RED Restaurant RED Restaurant RED

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