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Bleu Amsterdam; Restaurant of the Month November

Bleu Amsterdam; Restaurant of the Month November

Bistro Brasserie Bleu - Surf & Turf Amsterdam Welcome

In this blog, we will tell you more about Restaurant Bleu. This restaurant is located in the city center of Amsterdam, just a few steps away from the famous Nine Streets! Because of the location, Bleu makes up for the perfect restaurant to visit during or after a day of shopping and/or sightseeing in Amsterdam. Restaurant Bleu is available for lunch and dinner and in this blog we will tell you all about our dinner experience.

Restaurant Bleu

Bleu is the smaller brother of steak Restaurant Black and Blue but is definitely not inferior. This is a cozy, down to earth lunch and dinner hangout. Here you can discover the golden oldies from French cuisine topped with a fresh, signature twist from their chef. Feel at ease. Leave out all the chic etiquette’s. Sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal! This restaurant exudes a bit of French flair and touch of Amsterdam hip! The French flair is mainly reflected in the menu, it is full of the classics of French cuisine! Dishes like escargotsSeared foie gras, Croque Monsieurs, and a French fish stew are some of the highlights on the menu.

Amazing Josper meals

Bleu works with a Josper Charcoal oven, this is a robust charcoal grill and closed barbecue. When closed, the oven reaches temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius! The charcoal and perfect circulation of hot air creates a unique taste, aroma, and texture. This ensures an authentic texture and juiciness in a lot of dishes. Is your mouth watering already? Ours is for sure!

Our experience

Our experience at the Restaurant Bleu was an experience made great by Jason! He served and helped us all evening. He was charismatic and truly knew the dishes, he could tell us in detail what we needed to know and recommended our main courses. The rest of the waiters were incredibly professional, normally (Jason told us) on a night like this, we went on a Tuesday, they have five waiters but tonight they had to make everything work with only three! And we have to say, the service was excellent and we did not notice a delay even though the place was almost full. We had a blast with him at our table. Another thing for why you should go now is that around this time a year, Bleu is completely decorated with cozy Christmas lights and small Christmas details. This makes the restaurant even cozier than it already is!


We started the night off with bread with homemade herb butter & Beurre de Paris and some Gambas from the Josper. This was a delicious start of the evening. The Gambas were nice and soft (but not overcooked), and together with the bread with Beurre de Paris, it made up for the perfect starter dish.


Onto the mains, we couldn’t decide on what to order. everything seemed delicious! Jason recommended the Lamb Chops, so we decided to go for the Lamb Chops and the Baked Spätzle. Spätzle is a German type of pasta and it was delicious! The dish was topped with roasted mushrooms & truffle cream and this made it the perfect vegetarian meal. At Bleu you only have one vegetarian option but it’s already one of the best we’ve ever tasted. The Lamb Chops we again from the Josper and it was soft with a perfect smokey taste but not overwhelming. It comes with Mint Jelly, which is sweet and complements the Lamb really well. All main courses are served with fries & a salad of cucumber and tomato.


For dessert we decided to share the last available Crème Brûlée, this was a great solution because we were both very full! And after the first bite, we understood why the Crème Brûlée was sold out, it was delicious! It is big enough, but it has a thin layer so it is not too heavy. After having had the starter, which we shared, and the main course this was more than enough for the two of us. The starter and main are in quite good proportions. For the small (and regular) eaters, we would really recommend to go for a starter and a main or a main and a dessert. Or, you could just share like we did!

Restaurant Bleu has a wonderful wine menu as well, but we recommend to ask your waiter what wine goes best with your dishes to get the best experience!


Altogether we could really say that Restaurant Bleu is a great restaurant to go to while shopping in Amsterdam (or during a city trip). The waiters were friendly and focused on delivering valuable service, the food was satisfying and the Christmas lights made the restaurant look extra cozy. Would you like to have an awesome dinner experience like we had? You can easily reserve a table via their website or call 020 362 1340!

Blog Bleu - Amsterdam Welcome Blog Bleu - Amsterdam Welcome Blog Bleu - Amsterdam Welcome Blog Bleu - Amsterdam Welcome

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