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Let’s celebrate the B-day of Rembrandt!

Let’s celebrate the B-day of Rembrandt!

Rembrandt van Rijn Birthday - Amsterdam Welcome

Did you know tomorrow is Rembrandt’s birthday? He would turn 411 on July 15! The Rijksmuseum is celebrating this momentous occasion by giving free tours and workshops all day. As one of the greatest artists Amsterdam has known, Rembrandt deserves some special attention on our website of course! That’s why we put together some fun facts about the life of Rembrandt and some tips of locations in Amsterdam to visit during his birthday!

Let us try to explain why we love this guy so much!

  1. Rembrandt appreciated Amsterdam!

The painter was not born in Amsterdam, but in Leiden. As a miller’s son, he soon new he had to get to the capitol of the world, which was Amsterdam back in the Golden Age. According to us, Amsterdam is of course still the capitol of the world 😉 ! Rembrandt loved the city and painted its greatness many times. All the rich merchant and owners of beautiful canal houses wanted to have an original Rembrandt, so Rembrandt was pretty wealthy and lived the good life in Amsterdam!

  1. Rembrandt paints the Romantic Amsterdam

Amsterdam was extremely vibrant and busy in the Golden Age. The city was busy expanding the canal district, a lot of buildings were built and innovative stuff was happening. On the paintings of Rembrandt though, you would never see something being built, something dirty of busy streets. He shows the beauty of the city!

  1. Rembrandt knew good Dutch drinks

He liked himself a drink every now and again. One of his favorite drink was Dutch Gin, or Genever/Jenever. He was friends with Lucas Bols, who happened to be the founder of Bols Jenever, so that was convenient! The House of Bols today is located on the Museumsquare, right across the Rijksmuseum. You can take a tour about Dutch Gin, if you are interested. Usually we hear that Dutch gin is not as much appreciated as English Gin, but at least it is original and a local drink from Amsterdam!

  1. He lived in a beautiful Amsterdam canal house!

You can still visit the Rembrandthouse today, where you really get to know him in a more personal way, not just through his work, but through his home and his family. Purchase tickets for the Rembrandthouse and always check their calendar, for sometimes they have really cool workshops and stuff!

Rembrandt huis Amsterdam Welcome Korting

  1. Rembrandt is original!

The fun thing about this painter is that he is not only a brilliant artist, but his character is also sharp and unique. Did you know Rembrandt is not a last name, but a first name? Most painters are known by their last name like (Johannes) Vermeer, (Frans) Hals, (Vincent) Van Gogh. Did you know that it is actually Rembrandt van Rijn? Rembrandt himself made the choice of becoming famous with his first name by signing all his work with just “Rembrandt”.

Rembrandt is not a common name in the Netherlands, by the way!

A tour about Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum

He is the most celebrated Dutch painter of the 17th century. Participating in the Rijksmuseum tour gives you the chance at some insight into his genius! Who was he? What kind of life did he lead? Who was involved in his artistic genius?

In the Rijksmuseum you can learn all about these different aspects of his life. The museum houses not only the largest but also the most representative collection of works spanning his entire career. Displayed in the context of Rembrandt’s era and his contemporaries, here his story comes to life. So… this is our tip for the weekend, what to do in Amsterdam? Well, take a free tour and celebrate his birthday with us.

Chanani Campbell

[email protected]

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