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Crazy Moving Art by Jean Tinguely @ Stedelijk Museum

fiets uitvinding kunst stedelijk museum

Only 2 weeks left to see the exhibition with Tinguely’s masterpieces

Large installations made of weird materials that move, make sounds and sometimes surprise you when you walk by. The artworks of Jean Tinguely are made to shock the audience and leave them thinking about fleeting time. Visiting the exhibition can result in an uncanny feeling. However, the magic of Tinguely’s art is that it evokes this uncanny feeling by making people laugh first.

Daily, the exhibition fills the museum with laughter showing a video clip of an artwork that was destroyed during the creative process. The artwork, being a sky-high phallus, was put on the main square of Milan and its sole purpose was to ejaculate fireworks. The physical artwork was destroyed, however Tinguely made his point; life is movement, nothing is fixed.



About the Exhibition

The Stedelijk Museum is known for its extravagant exhibitions and its ability to draw the viewer into the artworks. In this exhibition they managed to create this effect especially well! When walking into the first room you start nice and easy with sketches of machines and smaller wall pieces that sometimes move. When walking further into the museum the level of intensity of Tinguely’s work is boosted to a point where three meters high machines all move together.


The exhibition contains an element of suspense. Since the essence of Tinguely’s work is movement, the Stedelijk Museum decided to test our patience. Large red buttons and timers keep the artworks from moving. As people gather around the artwork, waiting for the moment they can press the button, they discuss what will happen in a few seconds. For me, this is exactly what makes this exhibition so awesome, it connects people. Nowadays, art is often perceived as cold and highbrow. The Tinguely exhibition gives people the opposite feeling which makes the artworks even more powerful.



Life is NOW! This is why you should see the amazing and absurd exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum today. Or tomorrow if this day is in full movement already!



The Exhibition’s Practical Information

The exhibition Jean Tinguely – Machinespektakel is opened until the 5th of March 2017.

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