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Comfortable, easy and fun – A ride in the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof

Comfortable, easy and fun – A ride in the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof

keukenhof flowerfield lisse - Amsterdam Welcome

Keukenhof – have you heard of it?

Have you ever seen over 7 million flowers in bloom, standing in the most amazing gardens with all sorts of themes? The number one attraction in Holland offers this: Keukenhof! The Netherlands is known for it’s tulips, and for good reason.

The Dutch Flower industry is a global trendsetter supplying markets all over the globe, as well as being a leading innovator in green house technology. Holland has 52% share of the worldwide trade in floricultural products. The Keukenhof celebrates this fact every year, and in the two months of spring the park welcomes over 1 million visitors from all over the world.

The Keukenhof gardens are not that far from the capitol city Amsterdam, and there are several ways to get there, but one hassle free, informative and cheap option is the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof!

Getting there by Hop on Hop off Keukenhof

Our starting point is Amsterdam Central Station, which is convenient, for the pick up point is very close! Behind Central Station the city offers free ferry rides to the other side of the river IJ. One of those ferry’s goes directly to the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof and only takes 5 minutes (Ferry 901 to Buiksloterweg). The departure point is easy to find, because it’s in front of the Amsterdam Tower (which I will visit after seeing the Keukenhof).

The Hop on Hop off Keukenhof leaves every 30 minutes, so we bought some coffee to go at ‘Café de Pont’, a small café right where the ferry stops, and waited in front of the A’dam Tower until the next bus arrived. Inside the bus we were surprised by a really pretty Amsterdam Welcome Guide as a gift, as well as a little guide about the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof. When seated, we were occupied reading, until a video started, telling so much fun stuff about Amsterdam, Holland in general and Keukenhof specifically. The ride took about an hour, but there was enough to see, listen to and read, so time flew! The ride already gave us a sneak preview, driving through the most amazing tulip field!

The flower gardens of Keukenhof

Arriving at the Keukenhof, we could walk right in and we spend over 2 hours in the park. In the park there is much to see, such as all the different theme gardens and greenhouses. The colors are so bright and beautiful that it’s hard not to take a zillion pictures! It was also hard to resist picking the tulips, but after hearing that a team of 20 gardeners spend the whole year creating the Keukenhof, surely we wouldn’t ruin their works of art. In Amsterdam, they even sell tulips in the supermarket! And for good price as well, around 5 euros? Also, flower bulbs are a very good souvenir for everyone owning a garden (or even a large planter).

Back to Amsterdam!

We went to Keukenhof pretty late in the afternoon, so we caught one of the last Hop on Hop off busses back to the city of Amsterdam. Including in our ticket was entry to the Amsterdam Lookout; the top of the A’dam Tower! On our way back in the Hop on Hop off Keukenhof, again there was some nice information on the video. There were many nice suggestions to to in Amsterdam, which we could also find in the Amsterdam Welcome guide. Between updating Instagram and remembering all the best places to visit in Amsterdam, we were already back in the city! The Hop on Hop off Keukenhof dropped us off again at the Amsterdam Lookout, where we got to the 20th floor by (crazy!) elevator, and had a really tasty cocktail with the most amazing view over Amsterdam!

Chanani Campbell

[email protected]

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