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The Best Running routes in Amsterdam

For a nice and changing environment during a long endurance training

The Best Running routes in Amsterdam

For a nice and changing environment during a long endurance training

Amsterdam’s parks are often used for running, only they aren’t used in a combination that much. I feel that this is a shame, since this training is ideal for a long endurance training on a Sunday morning or great when you want to have some variation in your running route. When you start at the Vondelpark entrance on the Amstelveenseweg and end in the Vondelpark as well, this full route is approximately 18.8 kilometres. This route was my personal favourite while I was training for the New York Marathon.

The small Rembrandtpark is a nice pass-through park to get to the larger Sloterpark. The Sloterpark, thanks to its large lake and nice surroundings, is the perfect easeful lap for runners.

– You won’t see a lot of people in the Sloterpark, mainly runners or other sports people that use the free fitness attributes in the park. The lap is a little larger than 6.5 kilometres, so it will get you going to that 18.8. It is great to end your run in the Vondelpark. The Vondelpark is by far the most crowded park of Amsterdam, especially during the weekends. The energy you will get from the park and the people, serves as a big plus to train here. Especially when you are running those last few kilometres, it is nice to get an extra boost. The Vondelpark is a relatively small lap, however it’s full of people sporting, skaters, people who are walking their dog, playing their music, or just walking around and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. All in all, with over 15 kilomets in your legs, you will enter the Vondelpark for the last few meters.

– Via you can always keep track of your own routes and make notes as well, which you can share with your friends. In Amsterdam there are already over 100 routes you can check out. Do you have a specific route I need to know about? Or that you would recommend to other athletes? Send an email to [email protected]

Distance:18.8 km How to reach them: all parks can be reached quite easily via public transportation Training: Endurance Why? Nice surroundings, energy, relaxing, all in 1 run

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Chanani Campbell

[email protected]

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