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10x Fun Facts about Amsterdam

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Here are the ten fun facts about Amsterdam. It’s nice to have some information before, during or after your visit!

  • The canal ring of Amsterdam consists of 165 different canals. They were formed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and it’s called the ”Venice of the North”. In Amsterdam there are even more canals than in Venice itself (150).
  • In Amsterdam there are more bicycles than inhabitants. Right now there are 881.000 bikes and only 834.713 inhabitants. Each year 25.000 bicycles end up  in the Amsterdam canals. They say only 8.000 bikes are pulled out of the water annually. So if you need a bike, you know where to find it!

  • There are 14 5-star hotels. Only in Amsterdam there are 413 different hotels which counts over 47.627 hotel Beds.
  • 58% of the residents of Amsterdam cycles daily. That means that over 510.980 people use there bike daily. No wonder they call Amsterdam ‘the city of bikes’.
  • Schiphol airport is located 4 meters below sea level. If the sea levels rises, the airport might change into a Shipping port.
  • In Amsterdam you can live on the water! In the city there are 2.500 houseboats.

  • Each year, Amsterdam been visited by more than 20 million tourists. Germans, British and Italians constitute the majority of the visitors.
  • Amsterdam is the city with the most different nationalities on earth! Amsterdam has 175 different nationalities. On earth there are only a total of 194 recognized nationalities.
  • Amsterdam is a multicultural city. 85% of the people can speak more than two languages. Usually Dutch and English and sometimes even a third language like German or French.
  • Amsterdam is the city which has the most museums per square meters of any city on earth! There are 51 registered museums. Amsterdam has 23 paintings by Rembrandt and 207 paintings of Van Gogh.


Hope you enjoyed these facts! Keep an on the blog for more fun articles.

Maggie Bentvelzen

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